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Regenerated base oils: SN 100 Y SN 150

GAUAR's installed capacity allows for the production of 15,000 tons / year of regenerated base oils.

bases regeneradas

These bases are the main component in the manufacture of new industrial oils and their high quality allows for safe usage in coatings, metal processing, production and processing of rubber and polymers, agrochemical uses, etc.

Fuel: Fuel C and Fuel BIA

GAUAR manufactures three types of fuel: fuel oil, distillate FUEL, FUEL BIA and GUEL BIA N1 ECO.

combustibles gasoleo y fuel

Both distilled FUEL BIA and FUEL BIA N1 ECO are low viscosity, light and high quality fuels, which results in comparatively large economic savings over similar fuels deriving from oil refining.

No heating is required for handling, which translates into a cleaner, easier usage and results in significant energy savings for its users.

Anti-caking agents

combustibles gasoleo y fuel

GAUAR manufactures an anti-caking additive for use in the pelletizing of powdered fertilizers, which provides resistance to caking and wetting.


combustibles gasoleo y fuel

GAUAR manufactures an asphalt product of great value as fluxing agent. The materials are subjected to a pretreatment process for the complete removal of metallic components while all treatments are carried out in the complete absence of NaOH, this results superior quality of GAUAR's product when compared to other regeneration products available in the market.

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