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Almost 2,200 establishments in Aragon collect 5.300 tons of used oil

06 October, 2018

The system in charge of managing used industrial oils (Sigaus) was collected in 2,191 establishments in 280 Aragon municipalities, of which 94% are in rural areas, a total of 5,360 gross tons, the waste manager reports in a press release . 38% of the 5,360 tons collected came from vehicle workshops, although the manager recalls that the volume of used oil recovered is greater than the amount of waste that is finally treated, since it includes large amounts of improper, such as water or sediments. Substances that, during pre-treatment, have to be separated to facilitate thei […]

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The recycling of oil, essential for the environment

05 October, 2018

The industrial oil used is one of the most polluting residues on the planet due to its high content of heavy metals and its low potential to biodegrade. Only one liter of this waste can contaminate up to one million liters of water and its harmful components can persist at sea between 10 and 15 years. If not collected and managed correctly, the impact on the environment and the population would be very high. […]

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